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Depictions of Macedonia, Oil Paintings by Ilinka Vangelovska

On display throughout March

Ilinka Vangelovska is a Macedonian artist whose work incorporates the culture and heritage of her country. Ilinka works primarily in oils and has developed additional methods of telling the story on a canvas by adding in symbolic materials. For example she uses coffee grounds in her piece "Return". During her travels to Macedonia she took note of the ceremonial custom of drinking coffee and then reading the grounds in one's cup. Often women in Macedonia will seek out the images which the grounds form in the cup. The reader then foretells what is to come whether fortune or downfall. Ilinka uses the grounds to draw the male character (her father) in a moment she photographed during her travels home. You will also notice the use of hand sewn thread in some of her pieces. The choice of red thread comes from the prominent use of red in Macedonian culture, especially in traditional folk garments. Additionally, many women in her family shared the skill of needlework and sewing by hand. Ilinka connects to the craft by delicately sewing in red thread on her canvases. Art is a wonderful way to connect all fragments of our history and Ilinka creates so she can share her culture with her audiences.


Bergen Knitters Guild, Handcrafted items by Guild members on display throughout March

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